Jessica Eise releases new book “Against the Odds”

Jessica Eise releases new book “Against the Odds”

Jessica Eise, NYU Journalism Global Joint and Program studies alumna just released a new book: “Against the Odds: A Path Forward for Rural America”, with co-authors Bruce Vincent and Nicole J. Olynk Widmar.

About the book:
Reflection and leadership in rural American resource communities provide hope for future, particularly surrounding environmental tensions. The book follows the life of Bruce Vincent, a rural Montana resource worker who led the loggers in the ‘Timber Wars’ of the late 80s and 90s, while his community crumbles and he and his fellow resource workers face defeat as public opinion sways against them. Woven into his tale are historical context, examples and research, drawing readers along his path of self-reflection towards his concluding vision of hope for a meaningful reconciliation and environmental progress.

The book is separated into three parts, covering the life of Vincent, the evolution of the environmental movement and a path towards progress. Examples from Vincent’s life span the book, rooting it in on-the-ground truth.

“Working across differences is challenging, but that is exactly what the three of us managed to do. Who can say who gained the most from this book? Because I, for one, will never look at our political and social debates in the same way again,” says Eise. “It is my greatest hope that people who read this book might not just be warmed by the perseverance of Bruce and his family, but will also consider their own ability to move the needle and facilitate progress and even, just possibly, change their minds about something.”

” Against the Odds: A Path Forward for Rural America” is available on Amazon.